HIV Program

HIV/AIDS is overwhelming Africa's most industrious age group, setting back decades of progress in ending starvation. AIDS is killing farmers, teachers, and health workers. Food production and life expectancies are dropping. Infant mortality rates are rising.

HIV/AIDS is 100 percent preventable. If empowered with accurate information and freed from social taboos, attitudes, and behaviors that fuel the epidemic, the people of Africa have proven that they can protect themselves and their families.

This HIV/AIDS project is in an exclusive position to make a difference. Our successful programs in Africa have provided us with contact to government, partnership with leading organizations across Ghana, the seriously missing rural communications, and, most highly, the brave grassroots-level leadership willing and able to confront the gender issues fueling the increase of the disease. This project aims to put a stop to the spread of HIV AIDS and to offer assistance to those affected by the virus. Volunteers would be involved in taking care of people affected by the virus.

 Volunteer in this project educate the underprivileged communities and towns in Ghana on HIV/AIDS.

 HIV Education and Health Talks – Provision of health education in the community is a vital part of community empowerment through knowledge. One of the most prevalent health issues in Ghana is HIV, ending the lives of more than 14,000 people in 2011. For this reason, we run HIV Education courses in various areas around Ghana including local schools, the college, community centers, and the prison. Volunteers follow a Ministry of Health approved course to dispel myths, answer questions, and reduce stigma through educating the community about HIV. HIV education at the prison is a particularly interesting and rewarding program for both the inmates and volunteers. The prison reported that the program has been a catalyst for behavioral change and forms part of the inmate’s rehabilitation back into the community upon their release. Volunteers consistently find this program to be highly rewarding as each group of inmates is engaged and eager to learn.

Quick Facts


  • To help minimize the spread of HIV/ AIDS virus and to mobilize action to halt the pandemic.
  • To help people relate to those infected by HIV/ AIDS
  •  To create the awareness of the disease among the youth, especially. 

The volunteers work could be at any URBAN OR RURAL AREA across the country


MINIMUM: 2 weeks MAXIMUM: 6 months


Typically volunteers are accommodated by host family. 3 meals a day which are mostly breakfast, lunch and dinner, but in some exceptions you could be provided with just two meals a day (breakfast and dinner) depending on your project locations away from your host family. Please, we advise prospective volunteers to provision for the exceptions.

Materials and equipment either in print, audio, or audio visual that might help in making the volunteer carry out your voluntary work without any difficulties.

Orientation and preparation for the first week by local experts. Volunteers and local expert will be involved in the following after the first week:
• Community education: Volunteers assist in creating awareness in schools and local communities on personal hygiene, first aid, diseases e.g. HIV/AIDS etc.(Including schools, churches, etc.)
• Workers (from all angle)
• Market centers
• Lorry parks.
• House-to-house education
• Volunteers will at times use time with those affected by the disease, by helping them to take their medicines frequently as well as giving them care and console.
• Drama.
• Volunteers shall get in touch with commercial sex workers at vantage points with the communication of self-restraint and condom use.

This project is constant and calls for everyone irrespective of his or her race. There are no particular experiences for this project but people who are active are required for this project.


  • Conduct HIV Education around the communities of Ghana.
  • Provide formalized education for locals in the communities (when required).
  • Immerse yourself in local Ghanaian culture and language.
  • Make friends for life with other international volunteers on the program.
  • An opportunity to visit Ghana’s touring attractions.


  • All airport transfers from Accra Airport upon your arrival and departure
  • All daily transfers to and from your projects during your stay
  • Full board and lodging which includes 3 meals a day.
  • Assistance in your projects by various P.Y.V.O staff and volunteer coordinators. Full support from P.Y.V.O and your coordinator throughout your time on your placement
  • Free internet service in our office, Orientation, placement, assistance and adjustment, program and volunteer co-ordination/ staff support.
  • Accommodation from the beginning to the end of program

The project cost excludes:

• Transportation (excluding project sites).
• Insurance for lost of luggage.
• Traveling on weekends to tourist attraction centers / entering fees for any tourist place/ hotel accommodations
• Smoking /drinking and clubbing
• Air ticket
• Buying gifts/souvenirs for friends and family members back home.
• Flight, airport taxes, visa, immunizations, personal expenses, travel insurance, passports


This project is constant and calls for everyone irrespective of his or her race. There are no particular experiences for this project but people who are active are required for this project..

Minimum age limit 18 years old, maximum depends on participant's health.



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