Orphanage Program


Many countries in Africa, like Ghana, face the problem of homeless and neglected children due to AIDS, of which only 5% get any kind of support. Due to this problem efforts are being made to help these young ones. This outcome has resulted in the construction of more orphanage homes. Unfortunately, there are children on the streets and corners of the cities and major towns in Ghana who are still homeless, with no place to stay, and no one to show them love and care.

P.Y.V.O-Ghana has recognized that a lot of help is needed to solve this problem. Due to this problem the P.Y.V.O-GHANA calls for volunteers from worldwide to volunteer in the orphanage homes by giving a helping hand to most of their daily activities. P.Y.V.O-Ghana volunteer placement is established in order to revitalize the passion and confidence in the lives of forsaken and abandoned Children by joining hands with other volunteers to bring a worthy smile on the faces of these children.
These children's ages range between 1 to 13 years. Facilities are being provided, so the volunteer would sleep in a separate room at the orphanage. Living onsite will help to get a much better feeling for what is needed and how life in an orphanage is.

Helping with the teaching of the children regarding manners, English language, daily chores, hygiene, and anything to better their lives. Volunteers are helping to develop better learning materials and lesson plans as well.

• General care such as cooking for the children's meals or organizing sports and play activities to promote the well being of the children.

• Building/improving the facilities to make it feel more like home for the children: by painting pictures on the walls etc. Some of the orphanages we partner with are building to expand and improve their facilities. Your pair of hands will be greatly appreciated in this practical work.

• Assisting orphanage workers in offering moral support and guidance to the children, training of basic life skills and any activities for various rehabilitative programs in the orphanages.

• Creating and teaching the children various arts and sport activities that make creative use of their time and hone their hidden skills and talents!
The kids are very energetic and will gladly challenge you to a game of basketball or soccer. You will have a chance to make a huge impact on these children's lives by spending time with them, and contributing to their learning and development.


The volunteers’ work could be at any of the orphanage homes that we support in the following towns: Kumasi Children’s Home, Offinso Children’s Home, Akomadan Orphanage centre, etc.

interestingly, this volunteer project is consistent throughout the year.

MINIMUM: 2 weeks, MAXIMUM: 6 months

4534Facilities are being provided, so the volunteer would sleep in a separate room at the orphanage in other to get a much better feeling for what is needed and how life in an orphanage is really like. Meals would b provided at the orphanage 3 times a day.

Children’s clothing, shoes, books, pens, crayons, pencils, erasers, story books, toys, footballs (soccer balls), handballs, volleyballs etc.

  • Assist the local staffs in the home and help alleviate their busy work load.
  • Work on building and construction projects within the home.
  • Provide formalized training for local staffs in the home (when required).
  • Immerse yourself in local Ghanaian culture and language.
  • Make friends for life with other international volunteers on the program.
  • Opportunities to enjoy some of the amazing tourist attractions that Ghana has to offer.


  • All airport transfers from Accra Airport upon your arrival and departure
  • Full board and lodging which includes 3 meals a day.
  • Assistance in your projects by various P.Y.V.O staff and volunteer coordinators. Full support from P.Y.V.O and your coordinator throughout your time on your placement
  • Free internet service in our office, Orientation, placement, assistance and adjustment, program and volunteer co-ordination/ staff support.
  • Accommodation from the beginning to the end of program

The project cost excludes:

• Transportation (excluding project sites).
• Insurance for lost of luggages.
• Traveling on weekends to tourist attraction centers / entering fees for any tourist place/ hotel accommodations
• Smoking /drinking and clubbing
• Air ticket
• Buying gifts/souvenirs for friends and family members back home.
• Flight, airport taxes, visa, immunizations, personal expenses, travel insurance, passports

No experience required.
Project Orientation: Upon arrival in Ghana all volunteers are involved in comprehensive orientation program at the beach resort, which is included in your fee. This is facilitated by your project volunteer coordinator and entails an introduction to our projects. Not only will you see where you will be working you will also see where your fellow volunteers will be spending their days.

18 years and above


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