Pre-trip process for Participants
(The following process must be completed at least 3 to 4 weeks before program starts)

• Choose your project, (first choice and second choice).
• Visit our application section and apply online.
• Send non-refundable deposit of USD 200 (please speak to our staff for guidelines)
• Book your flight ticket.
• Send us your flight information
• Apply for your VISA to Ghana


Immunization/Vaccination: Evidence of immunization for yellow fever and cholera is also required.  
Malaria: Vaccination for malaria is recommended.
The following vaccinations are recommended:
8Yellow fever: Please get documentation of this before coming to Ghana.
Tetanus: Administered as a routine in the west. Please check that you are up to date.
Diphtheria: Now given with tetanus in the same shot.
Polio: A routine vaccination. Please check if you are up to date.
Hepatitis A:
Hepatitis B: If you are exposed to blood or will stay more than 5months.
Meningitis: Optional, but recommended as meningitis is prevalent in areas of Africa just northern part of Ghana.
Typhoid: Water-borne disease which can cause high fever.

We recommend you visit a travel doctor for vaccinations and health advice. If you have any sort of allergy please let us know in the beginning of the program so that we can manage the appropriate setting according to your health condition and ensure that all appropriate vaccinations are up-to-date.  

Health care project participants

• Health care project participants must email to us a letter from their school mentor confirming enrolment status.

• Qualified medical doctors and nurses should send us a duplicate of their medical or nursing license.


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