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Our voluntary sports coaching projects allows the volunteer opportunities to coach football, basketball, net ball teams and other creative physical activities. In accumulation to the obvious physical and mental benefits that regular exercise provides, there are many inherent life-skills to be learned, such as the importance of team-work, communication, and discipline. This project has been set because P.Y.V.O wants to use sports and fitness to promote peace, unity, and development among schools and within communities.

Provide sports coaching and physical education assistance in under-resourced schools, and make a positive impact on the lives of underprivileged children in Ghana.

We are now offering this Community Upliftment Program as a Budget Volunteering experience, to make it as affordable as possible for travelers looking to make a difference in underprivileged communities. Together with our passionate volunteers, we are making a huge impact in the community on this well deserving project, and volunteers can expect the same level of experience as our regular volunteer programs.

The sports initiatives project consists of the following: 

Physical Education (P.E.) within schools 

 As a P.Y.V.O Ghana volunteer, you will spend some of your mornings based in various community schools offering P.E lessons, not only to the students, but also to their teachers!  P.E. is featured in the national curriculum and volunteers will prepare lessons using text books supplied by P.Y.V.O Ghana, educating kids both in a theoretical and practical sense on topics which will appear in their examinations.  In order to make this sustainable and continue without the ongoing assistance of volunteers, we want to “teach the teachers” the necessity of P.E. and a healthy life style as a result of it.  P.E. is unfamiliar to community schools and attitudes still need changing towards its importance; however, the children absolutely love it and thoroughly enjoy their time with the volunteers. As class time is very limited, not much attention is focused towards the P.E. syllabus (teachers are trying to ensure they get through the material for core subjects such as English, Maths, and Science) However, P.E. and sports is important to the holistic well-being of the kids, thus, we certainly believe in the importance and benefit of these sessions.

Training Teams 

P.Y.V.O Ghana works alongside various community partners in Ghana, co-operating with their coaches. These teams have been established for a long time and continue to make solid progress often in youth leagues in Ghana. The members can vary in age and ability enormously. We believe sport and soccer should be accessible to all individuals, even those who do not attend school or will never play on a team. Volunteers’ regular help and commitment ensures consistent training is provided, with their international backgrounds providing a wealth of skills. Volunteers are providing an opportunity for escape and give direction in a structured manner while providing friendship and sense of teamwork.

Physiotherapy (Basic Exercises) at the Elder’s Home 

P.Y.V.O Ghana volunteers have for a number of years been very involved at Ghana Elder’s Home, visiting and interacting with the residents, playing games and providing some entertainment to their week, as well as conducting regular medical check-ups and health talks on a variety of topics to the elderly residents. Volunteers are now also able to assist by holding basic physiotherapy exercise sessions with them. This provides them with some exercise and activity, helping to keep them healthy and mobile and promoting a healthy lifestyle. We partnered with a trained physiotherapist to develop the routine and the golden oldies have come to thoroughly enjoy their short exercise session.


Volunteers will spend their mornings focused on the sports program we are working with, and afternoons you will enjoy one of many exciting Community Development initiatives: 

•Build / paint / refurbish schools and clinics  
•Home Based Care / Farming 
•Reading Club
•Art Club
•Adult Literacy Club
•Study Group
•Ghana Elder’s Home visitation

Quick Facts
The volunteers work could be at any of the schools and towns across the country.

This project is Available throughout the year.

MINIMUM: 2 weeks MAXIMUM: 6 months

Volunteers are accommodated by host family. Three meals a day which are mostly breakfast, lunch and dinner but in some exceptions you could be provided with just two meals a day (breakfast and dinner) depending on your project locations away from your host family, so please we advice prospective volunteers make provision for the exceptions.

Set of jerseys, keeper’s gloves, footballs (soccer balls), boots, whistles, and other sporting apparels.
What will I be doing?
Join us as a Sports Coaching Volunteer in under privileged schools and assist with Physical Education Training.

  • Mentor very excited and often-talented children in sports and games at local schools
    • Use your skills and knowledge to improve the coaching techniques of community sports leaders.
    • Empower groups of all ages, through sports to feel valued, many from very disadvantaged homes.
    • Assist with doing basic exercises / physiotherapy therapy with the residents at Ghana Old People’s Home.
    • Work on building and construction projects within the community.
    • Immerse yourself in local Ghanaian culture and language.
    • Make friends for life with other international volunteers on the program.
    • Opportunities to enjoy some of the amazing tourist activities.
    • Engage with children in after school clubs, recreational activities, and provide an escape from daily life.


  • All airport transfers from Accra Airport upon your arrival and departure
  • All daily transfers to and from your projects during your stay.
  • Full board and lodging which includes 3 meals a day.
  • Assistance in your projects by various P.Y.V.O staff and volunteer coordinators. Full support from P.Y.V.O and your coordinator throughout your time on your placement.
  • Free internet service in our office, Orientation, placement, assistance and adjustment, program and volunteer co-ordination/ staff support.
  • Accommodation from the beginning to the end of program.

The project cost excludes:

• Transportation (excluding project sites).
• Insurance for lost of luggage.
• Traveling on weekends to tourist attraction centers / entering fees for any tourist place/ hotel accommodations.
• Smoking /drinking and clubbing.
• Air ticket.
• Buying gifts/souvenirs for friends and family members back home.
• Flight, airport taxes, visa, immunizations, personal expenses, travel insurance, passports.

Some previous sports experience would be helpful but is not essential.

Project Orientation:
Upon arrival in Accra all volunteers are involved in a comprehensive orientation program at the beach, which is included in your fee. This is facilitated by your project volunteer coordinator and entails an introduction to our projects. Not only will you see where you will be working, you will also see where your fellow volunteers will be spending their days.

18 years old and above



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