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Overview: Education

Education as vital, it is the central force that holds the corners of every nation. It is to be widely experienced if a nation wants to enjoy an outstanding development and success. P.Y.V.O has presented herself as a body readily available to help improve upon issues concerning education in Ghana. Moreover P.Y.V.O opens her doors to volunteers around the world to visit Ghana to assist in teaching.
Volunteers assist on this program by teaching English to nursery school children, primary school children, and community leaders in the area.  Volunteers will also provide much needed education on HIV/AIDS by raising awareness in the local community and rural areas of Ghana.


Below is some information on our current project partners that our volunteers will work with during their time in Ghana.    

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Nursery schools:
P.Y.V.O Ghana works with several nursery schools across the country. Nursery schools are usually divided into three classes in Ghana; babies (ages 3-4), adolescents (ages 4-5) and teens (ages 5-7). Our volunteers typically work with adolescents and teens, helping the local teacher to teach the children English, singing songs, playing games, and leading creative activities.

Primary schools:
Most nursery schools are attached to primary schools. Depending on the need of the primary school teachers, our volunteers will support them in teaching the lower classes, as well as undertaking activities such as arts and crafts, sports, and games with the children.

After-school clubs:
Our volunteers organize various activities with local children, such as sports, games, arts and crafts, and other thematic activities.

P.Y.V.O Ghana also works closely with volunteers to educate the locals on HIV/AIDS after school or during their free time.

Quick Facts

Volunteers will involve in:

english girls.jpgTeaching in schools and assisting in the local community. Volunteers support the local teachers in educating and playing with children. While TEFL graduate volunteers and qualified teachers are most welcome, anyone can come and participate in our teaching project!  Our volunteers get involved in:
• Teaching English to children, teachers and local adults
• Singing and dancing with children
• Developing the children’s creative skills through crafts such as painting, drawing and coloring
• Playing developmental games with the children
• General upkeep of the school to keep it a pleasant environment in which to learn
Schools in Ghana will provide you with a teaching guide to prepare you for daily teaching. You can also bring your teaching and learning materials that could be helpful to you.

The volunteers work could be at any of the RURAL AND URBAN local schools that help is needed most: Peace preparatory school, Classic Academy, New Age International School, Divine International school, Salem educational complex, Bethel International school, Antioch Basic school and other schools across the country.

This project is available throughout the year.

MINIMUM: 2 weeks MAXIMUM: 3 months

Typically volunteers are accommodated by host family. Three meals a day which are mostly breakfast, lunch and dinner but in some exceptions you could be provided with just two meals a day (breakfast and dinner) depending on your project locations away from your host family, so please we advice prospective volunteers make provision for the exceptions.

You can also bring your teaching and learning materials that could be helpful to you and the kids. 


  • aids edu.jpgTeach English to not only children and students, but also teachers and other community leaders
  • Helping raise awareness around HIV/AIDS in the community and more rural areas by working with our HIV/AIDS director
  • Assist in improving educational facilities in the community
  • Developmental games with pre-primary school children & sports afternoons
  • Get a glimpse of life in an African town and have the opportunity to make a tangible difference in a community
  • Get a taste of the Ghanaian culture; learn a bit of the local language
  • A great platform to explore other areas of Ghana


  • All airport transfers from Accra Airport upon your arrival and departure
  • All daily transfers to and from your projects during your stay
  • Full board and lodging which includes 3 meals a day.
  • Assistance in your projects by various P.Y.V.O staff and volunteer coordinators. Full support from P.Y.V.O and your coordinator throughout your time on your placement
  • Free internet service in our office, Orientation, placement, assistance and adjustment, program and volunteer co-ordination/ staff support.
  • Accommodation from the beginning to the end of program

The project cost excludes:

• Transportation (excluding project sites)
• Insurance for lost of luggage
• Traveling on weekends to tourist attraction centers / entering fees for any tourist place/ hotel accommodations
• Smoking /drinking and clubbing
• Air ticket
• Buying gifts/souvenirs for friends and family members back home
• Flight, airport taxes, visa, immunizations, personal expenses, travel insurance, passports

Project Orientation: Upon arrival in Ghana all volunteers are involved in comprehensive orientation program at the beach resort, which is included in your fee. This is facilitated by your project volunteer coordinator and entails an introduction to our projects. Not only will you see where you will be working, you will also see where your fellow volunteers will be spending their days.

18 years and above.                               


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