Why Choose PYVO for your volunteer experience?

  • Exceptionally reasonably priced program fee – Program fees start from (including registration fees) $450.

  • Litheness – Choose your own availability of time, our programs are designed to meet your requirements and benefit.

  • Familiarity – Organizing multiplicity of voluntary job/position in Ghana for the past 8 years, strong partnership with surrounding educational facilities, wildlife parks, government facilities, worldwide partnerships, and continuing to expand the program daily.

  • Safe and sound volunteer work across Ghana. Experienced and fluent staff members equipped with the skills to ensure the volunteer is educated of their surroundings and necessities while they travel in Ghana.
  • Nationally recognized for the work done to benefit nearly 100 orphans throughout the entire country.
  • Diverse members on staff from multiple countries around the world ready to converse and educate volunteers of worldly situations and culture.



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